About Paradigm

Paradigm was born by no archetype.  There were not initial intentions or motives to be framed around, only a dire hunger to connect, express and create. As Paradigm continues to grow, it has become our mission to record and share a living history of the human experience.  We seek to shine light on the diverse perspectives shaping our world and to emphasize connection above contrast. Our discussions attempt to unearth certain components that correlate deep within each and every individual’s story, components that unite and integrate each life into this symbiotic human experience.

While circumstance and situation may shape each person’s path, the deepest convictions and aims within each of us channel a universal vibrancy. No matter the field of expression or the ideology followed, deep within the fibers of each and every human are ingrained certain ambitions, passions and desires which link our journeys together.  It is within this intimate spiritual core that we recognize true excellence and hope to unlock humanity’s limitless potential. Paradigm serves as a media platform to infuse this belief into mainstream conversation.


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